Friday, May 23, 2008

News flash

I think I broke my toe.

Not a situation that I'd normally blog about but....
a. it was funny
b. it involves the bathroom lagoon, of which you are familiar.

Here is the story about how I think I broke my toe this morning.
I was sitting on the edge of the lagoon, waiting for the shower to get warm, when I slipped, so imagine.....a nude waterslide!
My toe hit the other side of the spa when I landed (still in a seated position), and I think it might be broken.
What made it a really difficult situation was that my toe was throbbing with pain...but I couldn't stop laughing cos it would have looked hilarious!

The trouble I go through to give you people a blog!!


P.S. I bet that will stop my ballet career for a while

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Why isn't my life like a movie?

So, Friday morning, I stumbled on a new theoretical framework for my research project. A fairly big deal, but I shan't bore you with the details. Suffice to say that, despite last night being a Saturday, I spent time in front of the computer writing, rewriting, thinking and rethinking (not necessarily in that order).

At about 11, I'd had enough of the aforementioned I turned on the telly.

I found an old 1930's movie called 'The Body Snatches'. Now, I do love an old sci fi. My favourite movie of all-time is called, "The thing with 2 heads". It's from the late 60's and it's about a white supremacist who is about to die, but has invented a method of grafting his head onto another person's body. When he expectedly slips into a coma, his colleagues find him a body. Unfortunately, it is the body of an African-American man on death row. Not so much of a problem you say....However....for the first month or so, both heads need to be attached. So the movie pretty much consists of a man in an overlarge suit, punching a plastic head sticking out of the collar.

But last night, I was disappointed...for a bit.

"The body snatches" wasn't about aliens (as I had thought), but a 1930's medical drama (ER of the depression era), where one of the main characters stole bodies from the graveyard to further medical science.
That wasn't particular exciting, but there was a subplot that caught my attention.

The doctor was treating a young girl with "the paralysis". Several years earlier, she had been in a carriage accident, and "the paralysis" had seeped into her "nerve canal". Gee, that would annoy you, wouldn't it?
Apparently, there was an operation that could cure the injury, but it had never been done before (I would venture that not many operations had been done by then. You'd probably be safe with an ingrown toenail, but maybe not!).
Doctor was thinking about doing the operation, and wanted time to think. Then, the mother of the "poor unfortunate" said the line of the movie, and one to which I now aspire....

She said....

"Doctor. If you choose to do the operation, please tell me by Tuesday. I will be taking my crippled daughter to the park on Tuesday. I take her there every week for an airing"

Gosh. I forgot to air myself this week!!!!


PS. This attitude was really only 2 generations ago! Go the cause!!