Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nature - why?

It's been a while. I've been busy....and technically, I still am busy, but let's just not talk about that for a bit cos I'm a little bit stressed to the eyeballs.

Let's talk about the power of nature, or, at least, my perceptions of the power of nature.

Last year, as some of you know, and many have experienced, I moved to Geelong from kinda-inner-north Melbourne. Geelong had trees, and birds, and flowers, and rainbows (and today, it clearly has more caffeine than my little body can take!!).

So, I moved back, and started communing with nature (fully clothed, of course). That was until.... I was taking the dog for a walk through the park, and a magpie swooped me!!

Who would have thought:
- a bird, outside of the zoo
- flying unrestrained
- and....apparently, birds live in trees!!
Well who knew that? I must watch the discovery channel more often!

And then, yesterday, I was awestruck by the cleverness of nature.

I went to see my naturopath, and accordingly, was feeling at one with the natural world around me. I parked my car under a fig tree (thus creating a nice juxtaposition between the beauty of nature with the ever-conquering, powerful hand of the Daewoo Lanos maker), and looked up to see the most beautiful spider's web I'd ever seen.

I sat, inspired for a while, and even took a photo with my phone.

- It looked like silver thread
- so evenly spaced that it could have been made by a machine
- and draped effortlessly amongst the leaves
- hang on......
- it was all over the tree, not just in that first spot that I noticed.......

It could have been a beautiful illustration of the immensity of nature....or, in actual fact, it was a net to keep the figs from the birds.

So, here's a picture for your brain of what you would see from the receptionists window
- me, put-putting into the carpark in the trusty daewoo
- lifting half a wheelchair out of the car, but then stopping
- seemingly transfixed by the tree
- taking a photo, not of the whole tree, just of a random section
- quizzingly looking at that photo
- then the tree
- reaching up to feel the leaves, and the "spider's web"
- randomly telling the tree to "f@@@ itself"

Yep, nothing for the cause

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