Thursday, June 19, 2008

Telly is not my friend

So, I fear Big Brother. I have a phobia about closed circuit TVs. Not because I'm secretive. Not because I'm naughty. Not because people need to be alert, not alarmed, around me. But, because...I do nothing for the cause on frequent occasions!

Last year, when I worked at a big university in the big smoke, I would park outside my building and enter through the basement, catching the lift to the 4th floor. It was a long drive from Geelong, and sometimes, in getting out of the car, (I'm now going to put this delicately), my puppies sometimes rearranged themselves in my brassiere (I mean bra, not some fancy french cafe). So, quietly in the basement, I mighthave just rearrange myself....almost every day.

Just before I left that uni, I needed to see security about another matter. I went through to the backroom of their office to see a giant wall of CCTV screens......including the basement!!!

Then, yesterday at Target, I did nothing for the cause, and I hope nobody saw!!

I was at the clearance table, which was full of discounted candles. Well, I'm a chick. Chicks love candles. Therefore, I love candles.

I was picking them up one by one, and smelling them. I went through about 6 of them, then picked up the seventh.
It didn't smell at all.
I gave quite a disdainful look, and took another big whiff.
I may have even given a little puff of disgust.
Then I looked down t my hand........

to notice......

that I had been smelling an empty drinking glass.

Off you go then, nothing to see here

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Anita Hamilton said...

You are so funny. It's not simply what happens is funny and sometimes Blush worthy... it's that you tell it in the way that I can grimace as though I was the person doing it!