Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geek is the new black

So, I've been a post-graduate student for 3 years now. This is not without side-effects.
  • I can no longer read Better Homes and Gardens without critiquing the discussion
  • There's a notepad beside my bed just in case I have a flash of inspiration in the middle of the night. (It hasn't even happened in the middle of the day yet, but I live in hope!)
  • I have more coffee in my veins, than blood
  • I have recently become enamoured with technology, and as an afterthought, geeks!

Yes, I've started watching Dr Who. I have a history of terror from Dr Who. You see, when we were kids, Dave used to call me Stavros. If you're unfamiliar with Stavros, he is the king of the darleks. If you want to picture him, think of a head, covered in red paint, perched on a wheeled-stool (I mean a piece of furniture, not a large poo). If I think of the sounds of my childhood, one of them is my brother croaking "Exterminate, exterminate"

It's also Dr Who's fault that I have no statues in my backyard. Apparently, and they should put this on A Current Affair, if you look away, statues sneak up and kill you. Further to my terror, after watching the christmas special this year, i'm now afraid of those electronic Information Stands, because obviously, once they're activated by the evil device (no doubt it's a bluetooth), they kill.

So, why then am I wasting my time watching this on telly when it clearly has an influence on the decor of my outdoor living areas, and the amount of times I get lost at shopping centres?

Well, you don't need to be a rocket surgeon to answer that. Geeks are a bit hot

I was in the shops yesterday, and I stumbled upon a book shop (I "stumble upon" everything now, since I'm too scared to look at the information stands). That shop contained a Dr Who action figure. And I've got to tell you, for such a high-tech show with technological genii involvement, i'm not sure this action figure provides all the "action" that a girl requires!

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the computer lab to ask about statistics......mmm....z scores

Cheers, Lisa

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
I didn't realise how damaged you have been by my favourest ever TV show .... but then as I'm a mature woman, I've been watching since the cardboard sets used to wobble and that was in B&W. The Darleks were scary then too! I haven't been as influenced by the program in real-life like you. Unless you count me dominating the remote control for a bit of time-travel. I note that the time sceptics in my house are only too willing to hover just within sight of TV or are unusually willing to tape the show if I have to go out. Methinks I'm converting them. My most favouite Dr Who was Tom Baker & his vveerrrry long scarf and his companion dog K9. The side kicks were a bit ditzy at that time. However you are much too young to remember him. Go Dogs CMM