Thursday, November 15, 2007

Google me a treat

So, some of you may know that I've recently moved this blog over from Myspace. There have been pro's and cons to this move.

- Easily accessible, and now anyone can leave comments
- Avoids those myspace weirdo's with wheelchair fetishes

- Avoids those myspace weirdo's with wheelchair fetishes......or do we?!?!?!

You see, because this site is powered by google, inadvertently typing a phrase from my blog into Google may send you here...with unusual results.

For example, someone searched for "friends are like flowers, beautiful flowers. Friends are like flowers in the garden of life". I'm sure they wanted the rest of the lyrics to that song...but I used it to make fun of something or other.

Then, last week, someone googled "fixing a muffler". Once again, I think they wanted to actually know how to fix a muffler...rather than a narrative of being stuck in the burbs, in a car with an exploding bottom.

Try it now....pick a phrase from a blog, Google it, and see where you go. (If it's somewhere funny, you've got to tell us!!)

Anyway, the point of this story is....someone found my blog by Googling the phrase, "wheelchair chicks".
OK. Back up, Romeo. What the?!?!?!

I just took it upon myself to google that same phrase. Have a turn.
My favourite was the site saying, "Wheelchair chicks are usually ugly, and have short legs". Contrast that with another site that says, "wheelchair chicks are easy cos their legs are always open". Oh my giddy aunt!! (clearly those wheelchair chicks have been drinking gin!!)


PS. Oh, if you're that guy that googled "wheelchair chick"...How YOU doin?


Natalie said...

Oh I'm laughing at your blog counter.....clearly September was a slow month in the world of uni-assignments for you...either that or nothing interesting/witty/disturbing but funny for us happened to you in October. And didn't you once google "mexican food" or similar and somehow it came up with a reference about you?!!!

Lisa said...

Yum Cha, in, I could have been a crocodile's yum cha in Darwin!

Anonymous said...

Now Lisa I don't want to be picky (well, of course I do but I have to say that...) but what's with the reference to 'giddy aunts' and gin? You know Pam and Ree will get really pissed off! I don't know why you even make those references - I myself as you know don't drink so I don't take them personally but Pam - eesh!!!! she can get really snotty and she lives close to you! BE CAREFUL!!!!