Sunday, September 16, 2007

36 tomorrow. Surprising?

15 Jan 2007

So, tomorrow, I turn 36. Considering my life expectancy when I was born was supposed to be about 1 week, the obvious question the hell did that happen?!?! Well, I can't answer that. The end.

No, just playing funny buggers. The blog's not over yet! Stay with me people.

One of the good things about turning 36 is that I am now out of the target demographic for Cleo magazine! That's got to be good. But, you have to admit that it's kind of 'surprising' (in medical terms) that I'm fine. So, that got me thinking, maybe 'surprising' is the theme of my life thusfar. Let me give you some examples:

1. When I was at Notre Dame Cathedral, I misjudged a step. Japanese tourists thought I was a performance artist as I landed prostrate (no, not prostate) on the floor. All my belongings flew everywhere, and I thought they'd be stolen. My friends were too busy laughing to help in any way! When we got out of the cathedral, I checked my stuff, and I had 20 Euro more than when I went in!! Surprising

2. When I was learning to drive, I drove into a petrol station....and straight into a petrol bowser. Surprising yes, however, consider that it was the same petrol bowser that my grandfather drove into the day before. Double surprising...particularly for the attendant.

3. I had a perm in the eighties. That was more than surprising!

4. It takes a surprisingly little amount of alcohol before I'm sitting in the corner, giggling to myself.

5. Surprisingly, I was the only player in the Paralympics with her name spelt out by family members in the crowd!

6. I was genuinely surprised to meet real trailer trash in Alabama.

I can't be bothered thinking of anymore (that's surprising in itself), so if you remember any examples, post them for me will you?

Go on. Surprise me. And, what's the theme of your life?


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