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Doogie Howser Ramblings

4 Feb, 2007

Do you remember Doogie Howser? He was a TV character who was a 14 year old doctor (come to think of it, maybe I met him during my recent visit to the emergency department). He used to use a computer to write a diary at the end of each episode...before that kind of thing was cool.
Well, I named this blog after him cos it doesn't really have a theme, but is more like just some general ramblings. Also, some of my friends are suggesting that I am not cool for writing this whole bloggy thing. Mmmm, prehistoric friends, me thinks. However, not to worry, I believe I have spent a lifetime doing 'uncool' things...but with cool results!!

So, last week, I had my first Yoga for Ginormous Auras class. For those of you who haven't read the Downward Dog blog, I'll wait here while you do .......................................................................................................... Finished? Cool (or uncool, you decide).

As you may recall, it is a class for people with limited mobility. I pretty much fit that bill. So, I had an audition, AND I GOT THE PART!!! Seriously, I was allowed to enrol. The teacher did say that most of the other class participants' disability was obesity..hence the reference to a ginormous aura (NB. she didn't actually use those words, I just extrapolated!).

So, back to last week. Unfortunately, I was the only class member cos the others were all busy. This sounded good (ie, I get an individual class for a group cost), however, it just meant that the teacher got to pay more attention to me. And, you know what? She's expressing some level of disappointment in my low mobility (How does she reckon I feel!).

Let me illustrate my point. I was attempting the cobra pose. Basically, you lie on your stomach, push up through your hands, whilst keeping your pelvis on the floor. I gave it a red hot go....however, my arms are longer than my torso, so I couldn't keep my pelvis on the floor. At which point, the teacher, looking exasperated said, "that's the more advanced 'hanging cobra'. Oh well, I suppose that will have to do" WHAT THE!!??!!! QUICK, SOMEONE CALL THE YOGA POLICE. I'M GOING INTO UNCHARTED TERRITORY!!!!

Then, she suggested that I bring a small kitchen foot stool (you know, the kind you stand on to reach the top cupboards) to use to prop my feet on. Why would I own a stool?? What possible use would I have for an object that makes you taller when you stand on it?? And, we all know that the only reason I'm looking for a man is to be able ask him to reach my top cupboard (surprisingly, this is not a euphemism)!! (oh, and to take the bins out every wednesday night - also not a euphemism, although less surprisingly).

Speaking of stools. When I first went to uni, I shared a house with my brother in Melbourne. The end.

No, just kidding!!!
There was a point to that link. Anyway, Dave and I had two kitchen stools, but if you had to use the bathroom, the phrase was..."I'm just off to make a spare stool". Oh, it still makes me laugh.

On that high-brow note, that's it. I'm done a-ramblin' now.


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