Sunday, September 16, 2007

lol...and I'm not laughing

27 May 2007

Ok, here's the deal.

I speak the language of occupational therapy, of basketball, of the french people (well, enough to get fed, watered and have a roof over my head), of pug, and of pig-latin (except for the words beginning with a vowel, does anyone know what to do with them?). However....I do NOT speak the language of electronica.

I'm the kind of person who uses correct spelling and grammar in text messages. However, yesterday, I received a nice message from a kind reader who stated that, "I pml when I read your blogs". On the face of it, it appears to be a compliment...but....

I assume it means "piss myself laughing", however, it could equally be "plastered my loungeroom", "pickled my liver", "parted my leg-hair", "played my lute", or "peed in my linguini" (ok, technically that's piml). Can you tell I have issews here people?

Last week, at the classifiers course in Darwin, I got in trouble for my imprecise use of language. In fact, the phrase was, "why fill the air with meaninglessness when the better option is to just be quiet" (clearly that guy hadn't read my blogs - cos that's all I do!!!). So, I've turned a new "precise" leaf, and I'm not coping with these ambiguous acronyms.

For years, I thought lol meant "lots of love". I oftened wondered why people I barely knew would send me comments that could either be seen as nasty or funny, and then tell me they loved me. On more than one occasion, I sent a message returning the love. Yep, that turned out to be awkward.

And while I was a first year student on a hospital ward for people with emphysema, I always thought the doctors were pretty mean when they said a patient was SOB when they came in. How could they tell before they even spoke to them? Those doctors were psychic!! Or, SOB could mean "shortness of breath", either way.

As a proud Australian, there's only 2 acronyms I understand...

BBQ and...


PS. I'd say "lol" but that could end in tears

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