Sunday, September 16, 2007

The perils of nanna naps

10 Apr 2007

So it's midsemester break....the easter bunny's been, our blood sugar levels are through the roof, our pancreas's (pancrei?!?) are hanging out for the next 40 hour famine, we know how the biggest losers felt (pre-tested, not post)....and I'm sitting here trying to do research.
"Why is she writing a new blog", I hear you say, "when clearly, she has research to do, and sugar coursing through her system?"

Well, thanks for asking.

You see, Lulu, the unhelper dog, is asleep right now at my feet. Oh, the dulcet tones of ...well....a semi-trailer roaring round a hairpin bend on an autobahn! I know that people are like their dogs (and we've already blogged that one), and I have been accused of searching for truffles in my sleep, but really, she's the winner. A few days ago, the bright pug dog chose to fall asleep behind my wheelchair when I was googling (I mean, "searching research databases"). I forgot (must have got used to the noise so didn't hear it...much like the 9.55pm train to melbourne), and I accidentally ran her over. Well, she woke up quickly, but then glared at me all day. And, if you've ever met Lulu, you know she can hold a grudge. Sometimes, even for years!
To illustrate my point, several years ago, a friend and her dog stayed at our house for a few days. In the middle of the night, Lulu, in a fit of jealousy and rage at having to share her home, snuck onto the other dog's bed....and did a poo on him! There is nothing so powerful as the wrath of a pug!

So, today, right here, right now, my mind is wandering....not very far...just to the perils of nanna napping. And in the style of A Current Affair - Nanna napping: What the government wants to keep secret

So, here's my story on when nanna napping caused me angst:

On Good Friday, we have a sausage sizzle (my cousins' response to 6 years of Christian Brother education). This year, I felt a little headachy, so popped a neurofen before I left home. However, after popping it, I remembered that it was from the packet that I bought in Paris last year. Looks like neurofen, tastes like neurofen....but sitting in a Parisien cafe after one tablet and a cheap carafe of wine, giggling to myself and repeatedly stating "je suis un bonbon, ooh la la" (I'm a lolly. ooh la la)....I'm not exactly sure that they ARE neurofen.


I wandered to the party anyway. Had a few beers and was feeling a little like a nanna nap. Found a bed, and pulled the blankets over my head. Because I'm tiny, and the bed was already ruffled, nobody seemed to notice that I was there. (Not really sure how they explained away the empty wheelchair beside the bed, but oh well).

Unfortunately, I chose a bedroom that had an ensuite toilet. And because nobody saw me in the bed, nobody chose to close the door to the said toilet. (I tried to alert people to my presence, but I couldn't seem to remember the phrase, "je suis un bonbon, ooh la la") Yep, for the next hour, I dozed to the many waterfall noises of a well-used toilet at a beer fest.

AND, one of our friends must have a 7 litre bladder. HOURS that one went for!

But, every good nanna nap must have a moment when you know it's over. For me, that was when a couple at the party decided they might have a religious experience all of their own...on the which I was napping....I woke up, but "je suis un bonbon, ooh la la" was probably not the phrase I needed then!

Popping off for another egg hunt.

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