Sunday, September 16, 2007

Are sponge cakes really therapy?

30 Jul 2007

Firstly, from last week's blog, thankyou to all of you who gave me hints for my lava lamp. In case you're wondering...
- yes, lava lamps can go off
- the original 60's lamps are more robust and tend to last longer
- don't try and add food colouring to the water cos the seal won't reseal
- evil dave did not do a poo in a jar of coloured water, although it does sound like something he might do
- do not send him to Mel's house, just in case
- regardless of whether the lamp has gone off or not, it's time to send it to the "uni dorm in the sky" (thank Gremmy for that one!!)

So, all knowledged-up on household hints, I can move on with my life....

You see, I was born in the 70's (stop laughing Dylan!!) after the first wave of feminism, so household hints do not constitute my major area of expertise. I know the essentials....a good pasta, how to remove wine stains from carpet, and the difference between alcohol toxicity and merely the need for a nap (ironically, I often need all of these skills in one single night). However, I'm not too good at the finer art of "keeping house". I'd rather "keep a house portfolio" (not that I do either, but I'd definately rather the latter).

For my nanna's generation of women, being a good cook involved having a repertoire of recipes, making fabulous dinners, using only lard, flour and the weekly coupon's worth of eggs. For my generation of women, being a good cook means knowing which packet of Green Curry paste to buy. (by the way, I'm really good at green curry!!).

And, I have another theory regarding my nanna's generation of cooks. You know how most nanna's are good at sponge cakes? Well, a good sponge cake relies on eggs that have been soundly beaten. Think about it. Our nanna's lived in a time when assertive women were not encouraged, so did they beat eggs as a way of beating out their frustrations? If all of their arguementative spirit was suppressed, did they beat and beat and beat those eggs? No wonder those cakes were light and fluffy. And that would also explain why most of us suck at sponge cakes....but can win most arguments?!

Think about it!!! I think you'll find I'm correct. And if not, at least let me argue with you over a shop-bought cake.

Right, well I'm off then. I've got a lamb roast in the oven.

Oh, who am I kidding. I'm off to open a pack of biscuits, crumble them up a bit, put them in a tin, and try and pass them off as ones I baked earlier.


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