Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spotto Lance

02 Dec 2006

Welcome to my blog. I thought I'd set the tone right away, and start with a little story about what happened to me on Wednesday.

Firstly, however, you need a little bit of background. You see, I enjoy a spot of people watching over a cup of frothy coffee, or two. Some of you have been at cafes with me when we do a little "first date spotto" or create life stories for the people at other tables. Who could forget the story of Alan who worked at Dick Smith, who, on a dare from mates, asked Michelle from Muffin Break out to see a new band called Ash Grunwald? (I know, he's a person, not a band. That's what makes the story funnier!) (By the way, I became a little obsessed with this couple at Ash's gig, and tried to follow them to their car....damn this conspicuous wheelchair!!).

Anyway, on wednesday, I was conducting a meeting in a coffee shop in Box Hill (am I just MADE for this job). Well, sitting at the next table was, none other than Lance Armstrong. I know!! I became a little obsessed, and stared at him for most of the meeting (which I was supposed to be conducting).

Now, here is my issue. I didn't actually ask if he was Lance. I just knew. But, in the cold light of friday, I'm not too sure. Let me present the evidence and you can decide.

I think it was Lance because:
1. It looked like him. - tall, lanky, chiselled jaw
2. He had a buzz cut - which would be aerodynamic for cycling
3. He was eating salad - keeping a check on his health
4. He walked a little lopsided - like he was carrying more weight (even a very small amount) on one side of his body. (think about it!)

Might not have been Lance because:
1. He was wearing orthopaedic shoes
2. We were in Box Hill

The jury's still out. Let me know when you've reached a verdict

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