Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not Jung. More like Jun...k

31 Jan, 2007

So, I had this dream last night...stay with me, please..I was abducted by a woman who looked like Kath Day-Knight (from Kath and Kim). I escaped by driving a car. The car didn't have a big seat, so i couldn't see over the dashboard. Nor did it have hand controls, so I had to rely on a hill to start rolling. Anyway, I stopped it at a hospital, where they didn't believe me, and rang for Mrs Day-Knight to come and pick me up.

Ok, weird, I know. So this morning, I'm sitting at work, and i thought i'd look up the images on one of those "". I wasn't that successful. It seems not many people dream of hand controls for a car (or lack thereof)

But, while I was there, I found another entry which intrigued me:.

Dreaming of seeing (or being) a happy and contented dwarf strongly indicates that all your troubles will soon disappear as if by magic. If the dwarf was mean or unhappy, however, beware of false friends. Be very careful of who you confide in.

Ok, believe or disbelieve. Whatever you like. HOWEVER, what if you ARE an actual dwarf?? Dreaming of yourself is, by virtue of your height status, magic (NB. I am NOT a dwarf!!)

What d'ya reckon my crazy little mind was trying to tell me? Interpretations? Have a turn.


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