Sunday, September 16, 2007

Something to laugh at

09 Aug 2007

So, I'm at work, but I just had to write a really quick blog for you.

You've all heard my stories about other people's perceptions of wheelchair chicks. You know:

1. If I'm in a pub, people will come up and ask if it's my birthday, cos they reason that the only time I'm allowed out of the institution would be once a year.
2. On occassion, I've gone into a shop and asked the price of an item, to be answered, "very expensive dear", cos they reason that I must be on a pension, and that won't cover the cost. (incidentally, this is the major motivation in completing my doctorate. I just want that Gold Visa with Dr Chaffey written on it!!)
3. You may have seen the fake smile plastered on my face when I hear another joke regarding my need to stop speeding, when, in fact, I'm just getting my groceries4. And, my favourite, the many times that I've turned up to a Nursing Home to provide professional consultation regarding my area of expertise in Health Sciences, (ie. Modifying the environment to manage challenging behaviours of people with Dementia) only to be asked to go back to my room because lunch is about to be served.

Granted, all of these expectations are usually held by people around 50-70 years of age. This is probably the demographic that thought the movie Heidi was actually a documentary on living with disability in contemporary society. However, yesterday, a woman from this target market topped them all......

Here's a picture for your brain....
I was sitting in a local coffee shop, reviewing some research.
The aforementioned woman came up to my table and said, "I saw you here a while ago with your friends. You were all having a lovely time, and laughing a lot".

At this point, I smiled back and was about to say something affirming, yet witty.

However, she knocked the wind out of all of my sails when she continued with....
"it just warms my heart to see that you could manage to find something to laugh at"


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