Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busking? The ultimate career move?

03 Jan 2007

So, I've just got a scholarship for the next 3 years to finish my doctorate (that's Dr Nugget to you). It gives me a small wage, but I thought it might be nice to earn some extra cash. And, whilst shopping in Bay City Plaza, I had a flash of inspiration....BUSKING!!!

After all, when I was a kid, I did heaps of music lessons whilst my brother was at little athletics. (Note to self: I had an international sporting career, and Dave is a musician)

Having no musical ability, you might think that's crazy, but did you see the number of people in wheelchairs belting out tunes (mostly unrecognizable), and earning cash. I CAN DO THAT! And, because I'm a woman, I can also I can sell some Big Issues on the side!

However, it's not all wine and roses. Here's my dilemma. What musical instrument do I choose?

GUITAR - my mother was in a country and western band when I was a kid, so subsequently, every song I do has the same nang-a-nang beat. I can sure butcher a Jack Johnson song like nobody else...and let's not even talk about the time I tried to be Xavier Rudd.

UKULELE - I bought this at the Sydney Rd Festival last year. As we approached the stand, I said jokingly to my friend, "look, a lisa-size guitar". To which, the shop lady leant over and said in a very slow manner, "no dear, we call them ukuleles" (Remember, Dr Nugget soon). I can kind of play this, but...well, the same old rhythm issues. When I was a kid doing piano lessons, I thought the metronome was just to provide background noise in between my crashed notes. Also, I downloaded a lesson from the internet, and it looked pretty easy...then I tried it. I almost had to have the strings surgically removed from my fingers!Maybe a cunning plan to hide the fact that I can't play would be to pretend to have no use of my arms either, and look like I'm trying to play it with my feet. Say it with me now, Ka-ching!

HARMONICA - Now I'm strongly leaning towards this for busking. My mother bought me this for my birthday last year. She didn't quite realise that I use my breathe to regulate my sitting position cos I have crap balance. (On a side note, this is one reason why I couldn't scuba dive. The other reason was that the tanks were heavier than me so I couldn't actually jump off the side of the's hard to scuba dive on the deck!) So, the only way I can play the harmonica is lying flat on my back. Not good at parties, but I reckon it will work a treat for busking!

So, next time you're at Bay City Plaza, look out for a random wheelchair beside the chick lying flat on her back playing the harmonica, whilst simultaneously banging at the ukulele with her foot....playing a Beautiful Girls' song...all with a country and western beat.


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