Sunday, September 16, 2007

Be careful of your feet!

05 Aug 2007

Have you ever shot yourself in the foot?

I don't mean literally, although I suspect I know some people who have.
I mean metaphorically.

You know, like my occupational therapy colleague who was assessing the daily living skills of an elderly woman with dementia. My friend pointed out that the woman probably should go to a nursing home cos she had difficulty dressing herself. In response, the woman pointed out that my colleague was wearing one black and one blue sock.

Or, the time when I was trying to look terribly cool at the Paralympic village because the telly cameras were filming me. I was wheeling along the road with my team, having an animated conversation, when I wheeled straight into a pole.

Well, yesterday, I was on the train when a curious incident played out.

There must have been a comic book show on, cos 4 x 30-year-old men hopped on the train, all wearing "world of warcraft" tshirts. (Incidentally, does "world of warcraft" make you think of nanna's knitting balaclavas or cross-stitching machete holders. ie craft for war?)

They were all carrying plastic bags full of stuff. And, all the way from Spencer St to Werribee, they played a game of "you are such a nerd. Look what you bought". Yep, they spent 30 minutes pointing out how they, themselves, were not nerds, but all their mates were.
There were comments like (and I kid you not), "You are such a nerd. Why do you need a back catalogue of [insert geeky comic name here]. I am cool because I bought a remote control dalek. That will be really handy, and I can program it to bring me the phone"

Then, they spent the ride from Werribee to Geelong discussing the lesser known technical details of dalek's, using such phrases as "only techies really know this but....". Thereby, shooting themselves in the foot.

I know you, my dear readers, do not really like to share. But go on....I've had a crap weekend.
Give me a laugh.


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