Sunday, September 16, 2007

Doing nothing for the cause

29 Apr 2007

So, my friend Nat asked me what I was up to this weekend, and I replied that I really wanted to finish my research protocol document by sunday night so I'll be working all weekend. She then said, "I expect to be reading a blog at work on monday morning then", to which I mockingly stated, "huh, as if!!"


Right. Now that she's distracted....

On a completely different note, here's a blog.

The reason I needed to work for most of this weekend was that I got sick on Friday, and came home after only 1 hour at uni. Unfortunately, it takes over an hour to get to uni, so not really time well spent then.

It wasn't a "fall down, go boom" kind of illness, more like a "bleugh, "do I have to do anything?" kind of illness. Let's face it, if I was at a Jack Johnson concert, or watching Lucas Neill trip over an italian player, I wouldn't really feel it. But, I was in an 8 hour lecture, on a topic that wasn't that interesting. So, let's call it a context-driven illness.

When the context-driven illness strikes, my kidney tries to escape, and my brain has a little holiday, so rather than resting like all you lazy Type B personalities, I try to continue functioning without them. However, sometimes, this makes me look a little stupid....and, dare I say it....potentially contribute to stigma!!!! In the words of my friend Shelley, "I'm doing nothing for the cause".

For example, one time, I went to a coffee shop, hopped on a funky vinyl couch...and promptly slid off the other side, onto the ground. Another memorable evening, I was so tired when getting ready to go to a party that I probably didn't pay as much attention as I should. When I got to the party and was crawling up the steps, yesterday's undies came out the bottom of my jeans.

Yes...nothing for the cause.

Well, Friday was no exception!

I hopped on the train with a v/line-a-cinno and settled in for a long ride. Would have been helpful if the lid was correctly fitted to the cup. Would have been more helpful if I had noticed this before drinking. Finally, would have been extremely helpful if I had noticed the substantial pool of coffee gathering on my t-shirt. No, none of those occurred. An hour later, and I found myself looking like a painting done by Picasso....if he had been sponsored by Gloria Jeans.

Popped off to uni...and an hour later, promptly popped on back to the station.

Thought I'd do a spot of shopping before hopping back on the train, so went in search of a frock. I tried on a funky one, but not for me. Would have been helpful if I noticed that I was about to put my t-shirt on inside out. Would have been more helpful if I had noticed it was also back-to-front. Finally, would have been extremely helpful if I had looked in the mirror prior to leaving the changeroom. No, none of those occurred. I sauntered on out into the public.

So, disheartened from the failed frock attempt, I went to the train platforms...and found that I'd missed the 12.00 by 4 minutes. Aaaargh. the next train wasn't until 1.....However, "what does that sign say" I mutter to myself (probably out loud!). On platform 4, there was a train scheduled for my muddled brain, 15.30 was well before 1pm, in fact, it was in 15 minutes. Yayyy, I'm saved.Would have been helpful if I had figured out that 15.30 was in fact 3.30, and not 12.30 as my poor little mind thought. Would have been even more helpful if I hadn't asked the guard to get the ramp ready so I could hop on that train. Finally, would have been extremely helpful if I hadn't asked the guard if i had time to go to the toilet before getting on that train. No, none of those occurred. But, as I was wandering to the toilet (to potentially have a 3 hour wee), my mind clicked in, so I hid from that conductor until I could sneak on the 1.00 and run away!

So, let's create the whole picture shall we,
- me- coffee-stained t-shirt
- but that's probably not a problem, cos it was inside out and back the front
- asking a conductor to get a ramp ready 3 hours prior to the train departing
- by the way, do you reckon I could manage to go to the toilet within that time frame?

Mmmm.....nothing for the cause.
PS. came home and had a 3 hour nap....much better now thanks!

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