Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thinking music for the tonally impaired

15 Apr 2007

Yoga. Haven't spoken about that for a while.
Going ok. Thanks for asking.
Getting better at the downward dog(ish), my existing abdominal muscle seems to have found a new friend, and the "sitting salute to the sun" is smashing.

However, during the meditation, we are supposed to focus on our breathing to still our minds. But, my mind is a nomad, a gypsy if you will. (sing it with me, Gypsy, tramps and thieves....) so I really need to think of a question or something to really still my mind, cos counting my breath aint doing it for me.

There's the old bog-standard, tree falling in a forest and if/if not there is noise if no-one's around. Boring. If nobody's there, why would anybody care? Derr.

But, I've found another.

Last weekend, we went to a hippy-type music festival.
Nice and relaxing. Sitting on a rug, watching some dishevelled and malodorous men playing guitar.
But then, in amongst our settled state of mind, Bridie raised quite a contemplative question.
How can 1/3 of the audience sport dreadies, but we never see them at the shops?

So, the big question is....Where do dreadlocks go in winter?

Tomorrow night, at yoga, whilst everybody else is concentrating on their nostrils, I'll be thinking about that.

And yesterday, whilst in the queue at the supermarket, another question popped into my head...
How can someone dress appropriately, seem to be purchasing goods for domestic chores...but have never heard of deodorant?

And the important follow up question...
Should I tell him that the air around him is quite chewy?

Mmmm....thoughts to contemplate. Should go now and try find my mind! (it's probably in the fridge)


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