Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too much stimuli

18 Mar 2007

I thought it was about time that I wrote a new blog....but, I haven't really picked a topic yet, so let's just jump in and see what we find, shall we?

I could possibly start with a little confession. I know that you all think I'm a little bit 'academic'/studious/dr nugget, but, I'm watching telly as I write this. And not just any telly....I'm watching CRAP telly! Love it! If you're going to waste your time, waste it good and proper. I've been wasting my time with The Biggest Loser.

Have you actually seen this show? It's like telly for the hearing / visually impaired. The contestant narrates something, such as "I didn't know what to expect when I walked into the room", then they show him walking into the room, with a close up on a worried looking face. Then another contestant says, "He looked scared", then they show that contestant watching the original contestant as he walked, looking scared. And so it goes...for an hour.

I like it though, cos after a long day of thinking, this show tells you which stimuli to attend to, which facial expression was important, and what action you need to see (and then repeats it, just in case you didn't quite get the narrative).

Brilliant. In fact, I have a story about stimuli that I just remembered. Many years ago, I was driving through Geelong in the middle of the night. I'd stopped at a red traffic light (there was no traffic at 3am), and my phone, which was sitting on the passenger seat, went off. (Now, here's the bit about stimuli), responding to the wrong stimuli, instead of answering the phone, I drove...straight through the red light! Bit tired I think.

Speaking of a bit tired, had a few drinks last night. A few means 2 wines and 1 beer over a 6 hour period...had to have a lie down all day! That's poo.

But last night, we went to one of those 'plastic paddy' pubs to celebrate St Pat's day. Isn't it great how we have one day a year where anyone with any Irish blood in them (no matter how long ago) fakes an Irish accent (to be sure, to be sure), and does a little jig whilst drinking green beer. And, I have one day a year to repeatedly demonstrate my wheelchair riverdance techniques...'twas grand.

HOWEVER, the particular plastic paddy pub we went to couldn't really be bothered with the whole Irish signage/ambiance/give a crap about St Pat, so there was plenty of people, but no green beer, and the band wasn't really playing covers of what you'd call 'Irish music'. (I could be wrong here. Maybe I am just ignorant, and Hot Chocolate is actually a boy-band from Dublin) (Actually, now that I think about it, the line, "I believe in miracles" is probably referring to the miraculous act when St Patrick rid Ireland of snakes. My bad)

Right, I think I'm done. Off to watch a Bollywood movie now. Yep, more crap. You know me...if I'm going to do something, I do it damn well.


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