Sunday, September 16, 2007

Downward Dog...and can't get up again!

23 Jan 2007

After retiring from high-level Basketball, I thought I'd do some other "fun" exercise, like wheeling over the steep-as-all-hell overpass to the beach, taking the dog for a walk to the nearest coffee shop, and today, I started yoga!

Yep, yoga...what am I thinking? Do I seriously look in the mirror and see someone who can move all of their limbs at will. Clearly, that's what I saw before I tried scuba diving! Maybe, I own one of those crazy mirrors from the Pancake Parlour. Might just go check that...

Anyway, today I had a private lesson to see if I could join a class for people with limited mobility. So, I had TRYOUTS for yoga!! Who does that?

During my audition, I asked the instructor about the other class participants. It seems that the "limited mobility" of most of the other people in the class is due to obesity. Yep, that's right, I'm doing "Yoga for people with a ginormous aura"! (and I don't want any comments saying something like, "if the cap fits"!!!!) I'm not sure if this class will be great for my flexibility, but crap for my self-esteem, or the other way round.

The tryout started off ok. We just did some meditation. I can lie there and do nothing. I'm well-trained at that. But then, the moving began. Why is it that someone always farts during the downward dog? And, what do you do if you're the only one in the class, so clearly it was you!! Well, what I did was start to giggle, which used my abdominal muscle (yes, singular not plural), so I fell off the downward dog...and did my best impression of the lesser known pose, "quivering roadkill".

By the way, I made the cut. I'm in the class!!! Better buy a sporty moo-moo.


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