Sunday, September 16, 2007

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23 Jul 2007

Do Lava lamps go off?

I don't mean "go off" like the little teenager at a rave party (as in "go right off"), or the perennial frog in a sock. I mean "go off" like most of the vegetables in my fridge.

You see, I've just rearranged my home office, and I found my lava lamp which I haven't used for about a year. About a year ago, what used to happen was, you leave the lamp on for a while and the goop inside heats up, and then blobs its way around for a while. However, now, you leave the lamp on for a while, and the goop just sits there, and looks like someone did a poo in a jar of purple water.

So, my question again is, can lava lamps go off? And, if not, did one of you come around to my house and do a poo in a jar of purple water? (I don't want to point the finger, but I suspect Evil Dave)


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