Sunday, September 16, 2007

Holding my head's harder than you think!!

02 Jun 2007

So, right now, I'm writing an essay on the time-use of caregivers. Surprisingly, I need something to lighten the mood, so I thought I'd write you a blog designed to make me giggle (and probably you too).

We'll call it.....My Second Most Embarrassing Moment Ever
(NB. if I haven't told you about my First most embarrassing moment, I ain't gonna do it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Although this happened 10 years ago, last week, a player in Darwin reminded of it, cos she was one of the many witnesses. In fact, after not seeing me for those 10 years, this was the first thing she reminded me of.

Let me paint you a picture:
- It's the National Championship for Wheelchair Basketball
- I'm playing for Victoria, in the starting 5
- It's the semi-final, against top-dogs NSW
- The Adelaide stadium was packed(ish) - well packed by wheelchair basketball crowd standards
- We're in the warm-up, with 9 minutes to tip off.

Right, got that picture deep in your brain?
Well here's the rest, that will forever be implanted in my brain....

I decided, with only 9 minutes to go that I was a little nervous, and needed to "powder my nose". Now, I'm not sure if you've ever seen a basketball wheelchair, but, basically to stay seated in them, you require more velcro straps and buckles than you'll find in that B & D store at the top of Brunswick St, so I had to work quickly.

I worked so quickly, in fact, that I was a tad clumsy and dropped the toilet paper roll on the floor. "Don't care, not my problem, I got a game to play" I (quickly) thought to myself. (I'm actually speeding up now when I'm typing this!!!)

I push out onto the court, with 4 minutes of warm-up left. My team is doing lay-ups, so I push straight to the half-way line.

As I'm heading to that line, the crowd is pointing and cheering me on....or so I thought. In my head, I'd just become the most valuable player, and it was obvious to me that the crowd was so worried when I was missing, that they cheered when I came back.

By the time I got to half-way, my head was enormous.


I got to half-way....

turned around....
...and saw 20 metres of toilet paper trailing from my back wheel to the toilets.

I'll leave you with that image.


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