Sunday, September 16, 2007

The past - is that an appropriate place for it?

22 Mar 2007

So, I left home at 6.30 am to get to work today. Although it sounds hideous, there is always a positive for each negative.
Positive: I got to take a moments peace to sit still, and watch a beautiful sunrise over the very-foggy Port Philip Bay. In the words of my yoga teacher, I was able to "just be".
Negative: I was sitting in my car in gridlock traffic at the top of the Westgate, late for work, at the time!

To pass the time, I put on the radio. After singing "She works hard for the money" at the top of my lungs...with the windows down (NB. One day, quite subconsciously, I sang that in the supermarket whilst getting my groceries. It was only when someone else joined in that I realised I was singing), the annoying talking people came on and mentioned that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back!! Only, now, they are funkier. They're called TMNT (and yes, I sang it as I typed just then), and they are computer generated.

I have some issues with that....

Firstly, there must be hundreds of cartoonists in Korea who are now not earning their $7 a week. And I can't imagine that skill is transferable to many other occupations. eg.
Korean Social Security Man: "Can you do anything else besides draw masked turtles in ninja-style battles with giant rats?"
Artist-formerly-known-as-cartoonist: "Nuh"

I suspect that Pedestrian Crossing signs are about to get a whole lot more interesting in Korea.

My second issue with TMNT (sang again) is that they belong in the past. As a culture, we've been there, and done that.

Now, I can live with the reinvention of the ra-ra skirt (although, they are so short, that they should be known as the ra skirt), and the resurgence of Reisling as a fashionable wine isn't bothering me too much. BUT, I draw the line at crime-fighting turtles.

I firmly believe that there are things that belong in the past. For example:
- Take Blueberry flavoured Big M (flavoured milk). Now, what the heck were they thinking?
- Yo-yo's - yes, fun for the rest of you, but when you're a tiny little 8 year old, sitting in a wheelchair that isn't too far from the ground, mine was always just a yo. Banish them to the past I say!!
- Hypercolour Tshirts - I know, technically these are still in the past. I just wanted to make you go "Yeah, I remember them!"

So, let's be interactive here. Go on, take a risk. (apparently you use the little letters on the keyboard below the screen). Tell us, what do you think should be banished to the past?

Look forward to hearing from you.

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